Ramona Fuckin' Flowers, Man

I write a lot and that is dangerous

I'm Ambriell and I'm insane

💞Sing to me💞

Insomniac In A Coma

“Once upon a dream,
I knew Sleep. Called her on the weekends and loved her tenderly and ferociously. She helped me through my various ailments. And, by our promise, she knew I’d always come crawling back to her so her dark laughter could fill my eyes to the brim. She took pride in this laughter since I would routinely beg for more. More of her presence, more of her essence, more of her quintessence. More of her. Sleep was my heroin, I needed her so bad. As everyone should. But, Sleep hasn’t called in weeks. I’m aching for a whisper. I question if she’s cheating. She could easily find another, she fits everyone’s fancy. Or maybe she’s found someone new.. Or she could’ve stopped loving me. I know I may be over-exaggerating, but these thoughts haunt me when I’m missing her. And these apprehensions aren’t like the dragons’ eggs she brings me; They’re real. God, I pray that she calls soon. I’ve never needed another so very badly. She has the key to my front door.
I love her.
Visit soon, my love.”

—Ambriell Marcelle (via captmuricasgirl)

Bob Marley (via feellng)

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Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.


everyone on tumblr the first day of october

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There is a Smash Mouth cookbook

No really, it looks like this:

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